What happens if my energy supplier goes bust?

If you've looked for a better energy deal and your new small supplier goes bust what happens next?...

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Alex Hartley 17th January, 2021
Why are smart meters delayed? Is this a problem?

The introduction of smart meters aims to help the UK deliver carbon neutrality by 2050. But they have been delayed. Why? Should we be concerned?...

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Alex Hartley 6th December, 2020
How should vulnerable energy consumers be protected?

A recent report demonstrated that vulnerable consumers in the UK - those who are sick, disabled, on low incomes or are pensioners - aren't being protected from ...

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Alex Hartley 19th October, 2019
How will the proposed energy price cap work?

The proposed price cap is designed to benefit people who have never switched suppliers. But the cap could actually damage the market for those who do switch....

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Alex Hartley 22nd November, 2017
How to switch energy supplier and save £100s

You are almost certainly overspending on energy by £100s! Switching really is quick and painless. Why haven't you done it? Switch energy supplier here now....

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Alex Hartley 31st October, 2016


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