Social media is increasingly becoming a resource for everything, from personal finance tips to recipes. However, with billions of users worldwide, Twitter, Facebook etc can be hard to navigate. If you’re looking for personal finance advice from the experts then you could spend hours wasting time. To help you avoid the duds we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 personal finance experts on social media – and then there’s our blog and Facebook page (@SolutionLoansUK) too!social media money experts

  1. @Miss_Thrifty

This enormously popular social media account is the work of award winning blogger Miss Thrifty. As the name suggests, the blog and social posts are all about being thrifty and saving cash. Recipes and household money saving tips, as well as solutions for reducing food waste are all part of the fun. Ideas are very family focused but plenty of tips for individuals too, from reducing energy costs to how to clean patent leather.

  1. @moneycouk

Hannah Maundrell is the editor of and a smart Twitter account to follow for money saving advice and news. Her tweets are also frequently full of great deals and voucher offers so you can stay up to date with the latest ways to save.

  1. @MartinSLewis

Obviously Martin Lewis has earned a place in every list of top personal finance tipsters. The man responsible for is a goldmine of information on personal finance issues. He’s also got a pretty dry wit and his tweets relate what’s going on in the country politically to the cash we have in our banks.  Student loans, pensions and bank accounts are all covered.

  1. @Jasmine

Jasmine Birtles is a self proclaimed money expert on a mission to help everyone else get to grips with their finances too. Her Twitter feed is full of lifestyle and money tips, as well as useful bits of news. Jasmine has her own YouTube channel and is also a TV presenter so she’s an all round expert on the subject matter – she’s written an impressive 38 books. If you want to better understand how your money works – and how politics and world events affect your money – Jasmin is a great account to follow.

  1. @CashQuestions

Personal finance isn’t exactly a picnic for many people right now. So, what better than a financial agony aunt to come along and solve all the most pressing issues. Annie Shaw is the tweeter behind @CashQuestions and she’s got a lot of experience in money matters. Follow for news, tips and a good dose of humour too. Tweet your questions to Annie for some pretty savvy and informative responses.

  1. @yourmoneyadvice

Not an ‘expert’ as such but still a wealth of information. This is the government’s Money Advice Service, a very well tended Twitter account that covers personal finance news and advice. Follow for updates on issues, such as where to find the best mortgage deals, planning ahead for Christmas and getting good debt advice.

  1. @YouCouldSave

Peter Millikin is the brain behind You Could Save, the Twitter account attached to his highly successful blog. The Twitter is an interesting mix of finance tips, blog links and personal tips and experiences. So, it makes a nice change from many of the personal finance experts who just bombard you with information. Expect topics such as how to save on parking and making savings at the supermarket. There are also tips on keeping kids entertained during the holidays and Peter’s favourite new apps.

  1. @mrmoneymustache

If you’re looking for an expert with both ‘frugal’ and ‘badass’ in his profile then follow @mrmoneymustache. Hailing from the US, this frequent tweeter doesn’t sacrifice cool when cutting down on cash. His tweets cover everything from investment advice to comments on financial news. He also has an impressive comic turn of phrase.

  1. @lovemoney_com

This Twitter account is all about helping people have better relationships with cash. Their tweets cover a whole range of topics, including avoiding credit card fraud and why supermarket booze is a rip off. Many of the tweets link back to the blog, which has a lot of excellent articles.

  1. @hilaryosborne

If you’re going to follow one newspaper financial commentator make it Hilary Osborne of The Guardian. Although the tweets are in a personal capacity they are all finance orientated. Not limited to financial news and updates, Hilary tweets about all aspects of finance, from black market concert tickets, to the gig economy. She also posts links to a number of other great blogs – a good account to follow if you’re looking to expand your access to information.

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