Secured loans are growing rapidly in the UK on the back of house price growth and the desire of people to consolidate existing debts and/or make home improvements. Although nowhere near as popular as remortgages for capital-raising purposes secured loans, otherwise known as homeowner loans, do have a number of advantages over their related cousin. If you have a mortgage and are thinking of accessing the equity in your home for one reason or another then you ought to look at the option of a secured loan as an alternative to a remortgage.

We have more information about the advantages of a secured loan

Compare Secured Loans in One Simple Table

There are a growing number of secured loan lenders, and hundreds of secured loan products available. Solution Loans has always had access to these products via a specialist broker, but now were able to show you the best deals offered by lenders. We’ve just launched our Secured Loan Comparison Table – something that you might consider to be a “Best Buy” table.

Secured loans lender table

By simply changing the loan value and loan term the table will re-organise itself to show you the lowest rate loans available – then it’s a simple matter of clicking through to request your quote – a completely free service with no obligation.

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