Should I buy or rent a house?

If you want to move into your own property should you rent or buy? Each has its advantages, but how do you make the choice? Here's how....

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Oliver Jones 10th August, 2016
Which makes more financial sense – improve your home or move?

The costs of moving home a considerable, and a move is not without its risks. So, home improvement could make more sense than moving...

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Oliver Jones 7th July, 2016
Cheap home improvements you can do in 1 day

Freshen your property and your lifestyle with these low cost, easy to do home improvement ideas. And they shouldn't cost the earth either....

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Alex Hartley 16th May, 2016
8 Tips for Buy-to-Let Landlords

Buy to let is not an automatic route to wealth. There are plenty of rules to stick to and if you get your sums wrong you could get into trouble. Here's how to m...

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Oliver Jones 21st October, 2015


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