UK Housing Market Forecast for 2017

The journey towards Brexit is beginning to weigh on the UK housing market with prices rises forecast to slow considerably this year....

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Oliver Jones 24th January, 2017
The Great Property Renting Race – how to find and keep that great property

Renting your home can be fraught with difficulty. So here are our top tips to help you find your house and then manage your landlord relationship....

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Alex Hartley 6th January, 2017
The potential pitfalls of equity release

If you are a) near or in retirement & b) own your home, then it is tempting to supplement your pension by using equity release. But is this sensible?...

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Oliver Jones 4th January, 2017
Prospects for the UK housing market in 2017

The UK housing market is at a crosswords. Prices continue to rise, houses are in short supply and interest rates are low. But is this all about to change?...

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Alex Hartley 29th December, 2016
5 tips to make your house more saleable

To get the best price for your house and to sell it quickly you need to follow these 5 tips - all designed to make your house more saleable...

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Alex Hartley 15th November, 2016
With the impending closure of Help to Buy what are young people to do?

The Government's Help to Buy scheme is due to close at the end of 2016. What can young people do now to help get onto the property ladder?...

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Oliver Jones 15th October, 2016
The rise of Generation Rent and build-to-rent property

Owning a property may no longer be financially viable, but there are good reasons why not owning your home may have positive advantages not to be ignored....

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Alex Hartley 7th October, 2016
What are your legal rights as a tenant?

If you are renting your home you need to know your rights as a tenant. There are always risks renting but you have more legal protection than you may know....

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Alex Hartley 28th September, 2016
Is AirBnB more hassle than it’s worth?

Airbnb has grown rapidly and is a clever way of matching hosts to guests. Make an extra income & save money, but remember the hassles and risks involved....

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Alex Hartley 12th September, 2016
With low rates should I make mortgage overpayments?

Today's low interest rates favours people who have debt rather than savings. So is it automatically the case that you should make mortgage overpayments?...

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Oliver Jones 6th September, 2016
Help in tough times for first time home buyers

First time home buyers are struggling more than ever. But there is financial help to get onto the property ladder available if you need it....

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Alex Hartley 31st August, 2016
Will Brexit make house prices cheaper?

No one can say for certain how house prices will move following Brexit. It's early days but this is what we currently think is happening....

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Oliver Jones 18th August, 2016


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