How to pay for Home Improvements of different sizes

Home improvements should always add value to your property if chosen carefully. It also makes sense to choose the right finance option....

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Amanda Gillam 13th October, 2017
Update on the leaseshold property scandal

Leasehold houses moved into the spotlight this year as a scandal emerged about highly unreasonable ground rent rises. Here's our update on developments....

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Alex Hartley 22nd September, 2017
The Pros and Cons of being a Traveller

If you fancy the freedom of not having a permanent address have you considered if there are any major downsides? Let us guide you through the pros & cons....

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Alex Hartley 14th August, 2017
How to release equity to pay for home improvements

If you own your home and want to make further improvements to it then here's how to access its built-up equity to fund the work....

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Alex Hartley 14th July, 2017
Proposed revisions to the UK’s social care funding

A growing proportion of us will grow old and need care. But the cost of long term care is enormous so how will it be paid for?...

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Oliver Jones 16th June, 2017
What financial help is available for home improvements?

There are more loans and grants available than you might think to help you get your home up to scratch. Make it more habitable and more energy efficient....

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Oliver Jones 24th May, 2017
What are your rights as a social housing tenant?

If you rent your home from your local council or housing association you'll want to make sure you understand your legal rights....

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Oliver Jones 18th May, 2017
Home improvements that give the best financial return

Loans are cheap and savings aren't generating any interest. You could profit more by spending money on your property. But what improvements should you make?...

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Alex Hartley 8th May, 2017
Rules of Council House Right to Buy

Large discounts exist to encourage you to buy your council or housing association property. Here are the new rules and and idea of the financial benefits....

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Oliver Jones 24th April, 2017
Top 10 cheapest places in the UK to live

Is where you are living proving too expensive? Then here is our list of the top 10 most cost effective places to live in the UK. Maybe a move is in order?...

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Alex Hartley 18th April, 2017
A guide to Secured Loans and how they work

On the back of growing house prices people are using secured homeowner loans to access the value in their property. Here are the pros and cons of doing it....

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Oliver Jones 31st March, 2017
The dangers of buying a leasehold house

There's a trend towards house builders selling new homes on a leasehold basis. But take care! Some are being unscrupulous as this real life story shows....

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Oliver Jones 11th March, 2017


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