We all know that money can’t buy you love or happiness and yet there are those who somehow manage to acquire lots of cash even if it wasn’t the first thing on their mind. We thought we’d take a look at the wealth of the elite across a number of popular careers and industries. Just how wealthy are some of those successful people and if you compare their wealth to your own income how do things look? We’ve come up with some interesting ways to compare that highlight more starkly the wealth of the tiny minority versus the wealth of the majority.

Try This Wealth Comparison Tool

To make your jaw drop, simply input your income and then select the name of the person you’d like to compare yourself to.

Then the tool will show you all sorts of interesting statistics – for instance how long would it take your chosen “celebrity” to earn your annual income? What would be the cash equivalent for the celebrity of you dropping a pint of milk? How long would it take them to earn enough to buy average UK home?

It’s easy to convince yourself that being super-rich automatically leads to happiness, but the stories of unhappiness are legion. So, don’t let the numbers make you feel left out. After all having strong friendships is perhaps the best way to achieve happiness, and such friendships can’t be bought!

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