Survey: Is University Worth It?

Is the estimated £50,000 cost of attending a UK university for 3 years really worth the cost? We survey 1000 graduates to find out their views on this....

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Amanda Gillam 25th March, 2019
Off to Uni? Here’s how to keep your finances under control

In a couple of weeks you'll be off to university to live life to the full - but how do you keep your spending under control to ensure you don't get into debt?...

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Alex Hartley 17th September, 2018
What to do if you don’t feel you’re getting value for money at university

When paying £17,000 per year for a university education you expect value for money. What can you do if you feel you are not getting what you deserve?...

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Amanda Gillam 8th January, 2018
How to stretch your budget at University

Here's how to enjoy University to the max while minimising the amount of student debt you leave with. And share your ideas with us for others to read....

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Amanda Gillam 11th September, 2017
Your rights when working part time as a student

The cost of further education is driving more and more students to work as they study. But what are your rights when working part time?...

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Alex Hartley 11th October, 2016
How to choose the best student bank account

Student bank accounts come with various benefits to lure you in. Some of these are gimmicks while others genuinely helpful. Which should you choose?...

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Alex Hartley 10th September, 2016
Can you borrow if you’ve still got student debt?

If you already have student debt then you may think you can't borrow more. But if you have a reasonable income there could be credit options for you....

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Alex Hartley 22nd August, 2016
Should I pay off my student loan?

You leave university with a degree and a debt. The debt could be £50,000 or more. Here is some information to help you consider how and when to pay it off....

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Oliver Jones 13th August, 2016
Costs vs Benefits of a University education – An Infographic

The cost of a university degree is now over £50,000. Our infographic shows the real costs around the UK and highlights some of the non-financial benefits....

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Amanda Gillam 1st August, 2016
The true cost of being a student

Thinking of going to University? Then make sure you understand what it will cost you and how you can pay for it....

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Alex Hartley 12th October, 2015


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