personal finance

personal finance
The world of work is changing, but is the Financial Services industry?

The UK workforce is moving towards a much more flexible model, but financial services are lagging behind. This is leading to problems getting credit of all form...

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Amanda Gillam 24th December, 2018
Data Shows Debt Prone Millennials Have Poor Grasp of Financial Basics

Our survey reveals that Millennials are not only the most indebted but also have the poorest grasp of fundamental financial knowledge and skills....

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Amanda Gillam 21st November, 2018
Could my partner’s credit rating affect my ability to get credit?

We depend on our credit history and our credit score to get loans and credit in the future. But did you know that being financially linked to someone with a bad...

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Alex Hartley 9th May, 2018
Why a bad credit rating could damage your personal relationships

So you've Tindered and found your perfect mate. But a few dates on and you realise they've got money troubles. Odds are it will damage your relationship soon....

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Amanda Gillam 20th November, 2017
2016 is the year you win at your finances

De-stress by finally taking control of your finances. Here's our guide. Nothing is rocket science; just easy to implement changes that will help straight away....

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Alex Hartley 21st January, 2016
The best personal finance tips of all time

If you want to sort your finances out and take control then these are the tips you need to help you make it happen....

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Oliver Jones 18th January, 2016


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