How should vulnerable energy consumers be protected?

A recent report demonstrated that vulnerable consumers in the UK - those who are sick, disabled, on low incomes or are pensioners - aren't being protected from ...

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Alex Hartley 19th October, 2019
Switch away from the “Big 6” energy companies to save money

To save £00s you need to switch away from the UK's "Big 6" energy suppliers. Small companies are just as good if not better. Here's what to do to get savings....

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Alex Hartley 20th June, 2018
Energy saving light bulbs and your wallet

Incandescent light bulbs are dead. Long live energy saving light bulbs. How much could you save and how do you make sure they are as bright as older bulbs?...

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Oliver Jones 2nd November, 2016
Making your monthly budget work in winter

Winter 2015 is just around the corner. There may be sun now, but soon the heating will go on and your costs will rise. What can you do to save money?...

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Oliver Jones 1st October, 2015


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