cost of living

cost of living
The 50p is 50 years old. How have our costs changed?

On October 14th the 50p piece turned 50 years old. What could your 50p have bought in 1969? How have household costs changed in that time?...

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Alex Hartley 20th September, 2020
How to stretch your budget at University

Here's how to enjoy University to the max while minimising the amount of student debt you leave with. And share your ideas with us for others to read....

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Amanda Gillam 11th September, 2017
Top 10 cheapest places in the UK to live

Is where you are living proving too expensive? Then here is our list of the top 10 most cost effective places to live in the UK. Maybe a move is in order?...

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Alex Hartley 18th April, 2017


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