What are the implications of a cashless society?

Covid-19 has accelerated the UK's move towards a cashless society. The benefits seem clear, but some people will potentially suffer....

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Alex Hartley 3rd November, 2021
Get cash now without a payday loan

If you need cash now but don't want a payday loan then here are some other ways to get it....

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Alex Hartley 28th April, 2020
How to make money from clutter – cash from the stuff you no longer need

If shopping is a habit then your home may be bulging at the seams. Rather than store stuff get rid of it - our tips for making extra cash from clutter....

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Amanda Gillam 23rd August, 2018
What does the recent failure of VISA’s card payment system tell us?

Cashless payments are growing fast. We're becoming dependent on these payment systems. But with 1970s IT infrastructure still being used should we worry?...

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Alex Hartley 26th July, 2018
How to run your life without a credit card

If credit cards are getting you into financial trouble then there are plenty of ways of running your life without them. Here's our guide to how to do it....

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Amanda Gillam 26th July, 2017
Could you benefit from the UK’s Black Economy?

The UK's no questions asked, cash economy represents about 10% of the total economy. Do you think you could benefit by becoming part of it? Are you already?...

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Alex Hartley 22nd May, 2017
Why people will always need short term loans

Not having savings or access to cash might mean you need to borrow a short term loan if you have an emergency. Here's our view on things....

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Amanda Gillam 6th February, 2017
How to deal with a financial emergency

If you find yourself with an unexpected cost or a temporary fall in income then you need a plan to deal with the financial emergency. Here are some top tips...

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Oliver Jones 23rd August, 2016
How we waste money on holiday

Our holiday is an opportunity to carelessly fritter away our hard earned income. Don't waste it. Only spend it on the things that make a difference....

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Alex Hartley 3rd August, 2016
5 ways your home can generate extra income for you

Your home is an asset growing in value. But it also costs money to run. It would be great if it could give you an extra income to cover its costs. Here's how...

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Amanda Gillam 1st August, 2016
Ways to borrow when you only need a small amount

If you need a small loan for a short period of time - say £100 to £750 - then there are plenty of options to consider. Let us explain more....

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Alex Hartley 21st July, 2016
6 reasons consider short term loan

If you need a cash loan to bridge a gap in your budget then there are a number of alternative.And here are the reasons why you should consider them....

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Oliver Jones 12th May, 2016


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