Discrimation against people on benefits

There seems to be a growing bias in the property and finance industries against people who claim benefits. What's happening and why?...

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Alex Hartley 27th December, 2018
Real Life – How to balance your household budgets when living on benefits

The UK's benefits system has seen a radical overhaul. Austerity means lower payments in real terms. So, how do you budget & survive on a benefits income?...

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Alex Hartley 12th July, 2018
How to get an income as a stay-at-home parent

Even if you are based at home looking after the family it's really important to have your own income. Here's how to stay financially independent....

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Oliver Jones 6th March, 2017
Which benefits should you or your family be claiming?

The UK's benefits system is complex. Here's a tool to help you find out which benefits you can claim. Save time and get what you qualify for now....

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Alex Hartley 19th July, 2016
Cheap personal loans for unemployed people

Income from benefits or a pension could help you get credit. Payday Loans, Doorstep Loans, Guarantor Loans could be available to you. Find out more....

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Alex Hartley 17th July, 2016


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