How to get an income as a stay-at-home parent

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  1. I’m house wife and I have Twins. Kids
    I’m Allowed to take any benefits because
    I pay for my prescription and English Course I can’t take these things

  2. I have only ever been stay at home mum and home maker and now look after grandchildren so parents can work. My husband works. Can I claim any benifits for me? And will I get state pension?

  3. I only worked part time evenings 20 years as needed to Waite for husband to be about to look after my sons .so part time never payed ni as didn’t earn enough? I then had to look after grandchildren so parents could work! Worried now nearly 60 will I get any state pension ? And can I claim any benefits ? I only get what ever my husband can give me ? Struggeling

  4. I have asked if I could get any benefits at all I have been are full-time time mum and house wife since 1994 do not get are thing on benefits would like to know if I could get anything at all just asking that all

  5. Hi, I am registered self-employed but due to moving house, surgery and recovery and then covid related issues such as lockdown, I have not earnt any money. But my boyfriend and now husband pays for all our costs over the last 2 years. Do I need to be self-employed, or can I be a stay at home wife who doesn’t need an income? No children or dependants. Thank you

  6. Dear can you give me some advice,
    The question I am asking is this. I used to work full-time and just about stay above paying my bills, but past 3 years I have fallen I’ll with kidney disease. I get a married man tax allowance, and I was the only one bringing in an income. Can my wife claim any benefits? I would really appreciate any advice.


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