There’s an enormous range of smartphone apps that can help you earn extra cash for relatively little effort. We live in an age where technology is ultra accessible. 70% of the UK population has a smartphone and for the majority this is their main means of accessing the internet. We can all communicate, create and promote with access to a global audience and a wide range of resources. So with this trend in mind what apps will pay you for the use of a little of your time?


Downloading and testing apps

You can get paid for helping app developers create and refine their products – test out the latest technology and at the same time get paid for your input. There’s a variety of different apps you can download that will give you access and you can be paid in cash via PayPal (minimum payout £5). The process is simple too – download and sign up to the app, take part in an investigation and then get paid for every investigation that you complete.

Watching app ads

As a consumer your feedback is valuable to any company producing B2C products – and that translates into (relatively) free cash for your views. Sign up to watch app video adverts on your phone and you can earn for every one that you get through. Each trailer lasts around 30 seconds and in return for your input you can earn gift cards for retailers, such as Amazon, as well as PayPal cash rewards.

Mystery shopping

The idea behind mystery shopping is to help businesses improve their products, services and – in particular – customer experience. For individual mystery shoppers there is the benefit of being paid to eat or shop for free with a range of brands and for the brands themselves, mystery shoppers are a great way to help boost general consumer experience. All you have to do is pose as a ‘shopper’ and then report back on your experience to get paid. Many of the mystery shopper apps do require you to actually go to a store – although the assignments are delivered via your smart phone. Assignments vary from checking a store is at the location it appears on Google Maps, to taking photographs of items in the store. Different apps offer different payment options – usually cash via PayPal or vouchers – and apps such as Field Agent will even cover your PayPal fees.

Polls and surveys

Another easy way to start generating cash with very little effort is to download an app that allows you to take surveys and fill out polls and questionnaires in return for a reward. What you receive in return will depend on the app – it could be cash – or apps such as Maximiles offer rewards such as magazine subscriptions and gift cards. MySurvey gives you the chance to accumulate points for taking part in surveys and these can then be redeemed as you choose, either by vouchers for stores like Amazon and Argos or cash via PayPal.

Completing set tasks

Similar to mystery shopping – and often including mystery shopping elements – apps such as Roamler are location based with payments made for tasks completed in and around your locality. This could include mystery shopping in local stores or something as simple as obtaining a photo of a local takeaway menu. The app is structured as a sort of game, rewarding those who are committed to carrying out an increasing volume of tasks with a higher level, which opens the door to increased earning opportunities. Apps like Roamler pay cash via PayPal and if you’re cashing out a payment over a certain level then your fees are usually covered too.

Make your own video clips

As all you need these days to create your own video is a smart phone, anyone can provide a short vox pops on a given topic that can then be used by businesses for purposes as broad as promotion and research. Download an app such as VoxPopMe and you can be paid for recording short videos on given topics. The only thing to note with apps such as this is that the app developer will own the intellectual property on the video as soon as you have uploaded it and can then use it for their own, or their clients, purposes. You are normally paid in cash via PayPal once you reach a certain level of earning.