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choice of credit cards

Are you using the wrong credit card?

Credit cards are one of those financial tools that...


7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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Alex Hartley

I’m keen to help you make more of your money – making it stretch further and finding the best ways for you to invest it to help grow it over time. When not preaching good money behaviour you’ll find me practising it at home with my family and other animals!

Oliver Jones

I’m passionate about making sure people are better educated about personal finance. It astounds me how ill-prepared the average person is – I want to help change that. When not writing you’ll find me at one coffee house or another in conversation with complete strangers!

Amanda Gillam

I’ve been writing for many years about the fast-paced changes seen in the UK personal finance market. Sometimes the speed is enough to leave you breathless and your fingers numb. But I get great satisfaction helping people to keep up to date with developments.