Case Study: How Bob & Karen dealt with unemployment and debt

In case it helps you here's how our friends Bob and Karen dealt with their long period of unemployment and managed their debts. Lessons for all from this....

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Amanda Gillam 21st January, 2019
Money management if you’ve lost your job

The UK's unemployment rate is at historic lows. But with few people having an emergency fund it's important to quickly react if you find yourself our of work. H...

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Alex Hartley 7th June, 2018
How to cope with redundancy and get back on your feet fast

Redundancy is now commonplace. If you haven't been made redundant then you'll know someone who has. Here's how to deal with being made redundant....

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Oliver Jones 22nd September, 2016
Cheap personal loans for unemployed people

Income from benefits or a pension could help you get credit. Payday Loans, Doorstep Loans, Guarantor Loans could be available to you. Find out more....

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Alex Hartley 17th July, 2016


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