car ownership

car ownership
How to save a fortune on car servicing, maintenance and repairs

Some car finance comes with a service plan included. But most of us pay for car servicing as required. Here's how to get the best deal for your car servicing...

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Alex Hartley 4th September, 2019
How to cut the cost of your large motoring fuel bill

Driving 10,000 miles per year in your car will cost you £1500 in fuel. Here are our tips to help you cut your petrol and diesel fuel costs to the bone....

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Alex Hartley 5th July, 2018
Why car sharing may be better than car ownership

Why do you feel the need to own your car? The economics just don't make sense. There are a number of ways to have access to a car without owning it. Save £s...

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Alex Hartley 1st November, 2017


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