How will consumers benefit from the cap on rent-to-own lenders?

New regulations are set to cap "rent to own" retailers' rates of interest on household goods such as washing machines. But how much will be saved and when?...

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Alex Hartley 16th August, 2018
FCA clamps down on high street “Rent to Own” shops

Financially vulnerable people are being charged 69.9%APR on household goods paying often 3 times more than if they had paid cash. The FCA says this is unreasona...

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Amanda Gillam 4th June, 2018
Is High Street Rent-to-Own a sensible financial choice?

Rent-to-own or weekly payment stores are a way of buying the larger value household items you need. But there may be cheaper ways to do this using credit....

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Amanda Gillam 20th November, 2016
Do Rent to Buy retailers make financial sense?

Small weekly repayments make rent to buy sound cheap. But it is anything but that. But just how expensive can rent to buy make common household goods?...

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Amanda Gillam 14th October, 2016


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