How to save money as a local community

Why does everyone in your street own a drill? They're not drilling all the time. So, share your things. Save a fortune! Here's how to do community sharing....

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Alex Hartley 27th October, 2017
Borrow what you need – don’t buy it!

Why do we buy so many things? Especially when so much goes unused. Instead here are clever ways of borrowing everything you need - cars, clothes, tools, etc...

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Alex Hartley 29th March, 2017
Impact of a weakening pound on your finances

Since the vote to Brexit the pound has weakened 15%. What does that mean for Britons in their day-to-day lives? Are we better or worse off?...

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Oliver Jones 3rd December, 2016
How to borrow money safely

It's easy to use the wrong type of credit for the wrong purpose or to mismanage your credit situation. Here are our top tips for doing it right....

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Alex Hartley 14th July, 2016
Borrowing to help your future

Debt is often portrayed as 100%. But what if you are borrowing to fund something that will have positive long term benefits for you and your family?...

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Alex Hartley 24th March, 2016
The art of “good” borrowing

Debt is often portrayed as bad. But if you borrow for the right reasons, ensure you can afford the repayments, and repay on time, then it may help you achieve s...

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Oliver Jones 29th February, 2016


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