Whether you’re a student at a loose end over the summer, or looking for a weekend wage, there are plenty of ways to earn. Save for a holiday, put money aside for term time or pay off debt – it’s all possible. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can put your skills to use, no matter what they are. So, if there’s something you want to earn money for, try a few of these summer money making ideas this August.

summer work

Surveys and feedback

Data is king, so the saying goes, and that makes it a very valuable modern commodity. Your data – you views, opinions and buying habits – are like gold dust to retail companies. Sign up to complete online surveys and receive regular links to questionnaires asking for your opinions. You can get paid in vouchers for high street shops, such as M&S, or in cash. Whether you’re at a loose end all day, or just have 20 minutes on the way to work, this is an easy way to earn.

Sell your notes

If you’re a student and you’ve recently completed a period of study then your notes could come in useful for others. There are websites now where you can upload course notes and you get paid for every download that you generate. If you don’t want to pay a third party a cut then promote the sale of the notes yourself. If your notes are handwritten then type them up as others will pay more for this.

Get cash back when you spend

If you’re planning a summer trip or you’re doing some redecorating buy smart using a payment method that gives you cash back. This goes for every day shopping items too – points on food shopping or a new outfit can fund your next purchase. If these are purchases you would have made anyway then you’re effectively generating a discount for next time you shop with no extra spend. Cash back sites such as Quidco are a great place to start generating income from what you spend.

Seasonal summer work

There are some UK jobs that are only available in the summer months. From fruit picking to stewarding at festivals, the range of ways to make money is much broader. Plus, summer jobs tend to be more fun whether you’re out in the sunshine on a farm or enjoying music at an event. Working at a summer camp, getting involved in water sports or taking a job with a holiday park are all good summer income options. If these don’t appeal, sign up with a temp agency and take some short term office jobs providing holiday cover.

Sell stuff

The summer months are a great time to have a bit of a clear out – or perhaps you’ve already had a big spring clean. If you find yourself with lots of possessions you no longer want or need then consider selling them. It’s amazing what people will pay for these days – remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. EBay is a relatively easy way to sell possessions, either via auction or a one off sale. You can also use sites like Gumtree or have a garage sale outside your house. If you want to make sure you’re where the bargain hunters are then find a local car boot sale and spend a morning turning trash to cash.


If you’ve graduated or you have a skill that you can train others in you might want to consider tutoring for income. Being able to teach a language or a musical instrument are two of the most popular ways to make extra cash. If you’re a fitness freak, a tennis pro or a yoga bunny then you can also provide extra help to those looking to lose weight, gain a skill and get fit. Don’t underestimate the skills that you have and how these could be monetised.

Odd jobs

The old industry of getting paid to do odd jobs is still going strong. From walking dogs to babysitting or sweeping a driveway, there are always options for someone who is enterprising and wants to make some cash. If you don’t fancy going door to door and canvassing the neighbours then go online. You can set up your own website or advertise services via local community forums. Alternatively, sign up for sites like Fiverr where odd jobs and random talents are offered for sale for a set price.

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