There’s lots of media coverage about the personal financeshort story writing competition industry and more often than not the coverage is negative. Often lenders are criticised for one reason or another or borrowers are berated for living beyond their means. While some criticism is no doubt justified it is just as clear to us that the majority of people borrow for perfectly good reasons, stay in control of their repayments and at the end have made a positive change to their lives. With this in mind we thought we would give a voice to the silent majority and encourage some creativity at the same time.

Short Stories designed to Inspire

Our new short story writing competition aims to get people to get their inspiring tales onto paper so that the best can be shared with others. Whether your tale is about broadening the mind through travel, write a short storyimproving your skills through further education, succeeding against adversity, or some other pursuit, we really don’t mind. The tale needs to be a work of fiction rather than a personal experience, but your ideas can be drawn from anywhere.

You’ve got plenty of time to get your creative thoughts onto paper as the writing competition does not close until 31 March 2017. And there are some great prizes too.

Writing Competition: Win £200

The best story will win £200 and we’ll publish it on our website for the whole world to see. There will also be 3 further prizes of £50. Your story needs to be between 1500 and 2500 words – so, long enough to be able to develop your ideas and short enough to challenge you to distil your thoughts.

Read the full details about the competition and how to enter. We can’t wait to receive your entry. Good luck!

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