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How to find the best landlords

There are 2 million landlords in the UK who own around 5 million properties. If you are about to rent then how do you make sure you find a great landlord?

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Amanda Gillam 4th April, 2019
How to become a successful freelancer

Fed up with working for someone? Keen to join the UK's 2 million freelancers? Find out about the reality of being a freelancer and how to succeed at being one.

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Alex Hartley 1st April, 2019
How money can distort power in personal relationships

The issue of money is the biggest pressure in relationships. So what can you do to change the balance of financial power to improve the situation?

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Amanda Gillam 28th March, 2019
Survey: Is University Worth It?

Is the estimated £50,000 cost of attending a UK university for 3 years really worth the cost? We survey 1000 graduates to find out their views on this.

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Amanda Gillam 25th March, 2019
The current trends of the UK property market

Estate agents are feeling the pain as pre-Brexit blues take hold. Customers are delaying decisions. The market has slowed considerably. But are there opportunit

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Alex Hartley 21st March, 2019
Non Standard Finance makes a bid for rival Provident Financial

A tussle is underway between two of the largest home credit companies in the UK. A proposed takeover of a big fish by a minnow. Here's what you need to know

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Alex Hartley 18th March, 2019
Electric cars really are now cheaper than petrol & diesel to own and run!!

The take up of electric cars has been tempered by the fear of higher running costs. But recent analysis suggests that electric cars are now cheaper than others.

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Amanda Gillam 14th March, 2019
How the Government’s Help to Buy scheme can help you onto the property ladder

Help to Buy has helped over 500,000 people get on the property ladder since 2013. Here's how it could help you do the same.

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Alex Hartley 11th March, 2019
How to prepare yourself for Brexit Day

Brexit becomes a reality very soon - are you prepared? As the UK goes its own way some of our everyday household tasks could become more difficult or expensive.

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Amanda Gillam 4th March, 2019
What is the Financial Future of MIllennials?

Millennials (those born 1981 to 1997) are faced with an unique set of financial challenges. But while it may seem bleak there are opportunties too.

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Alex Hartley 25th February, 2019
Best ways for parents to help their children financially

Younger adults are strapped for cash so it's more important than evern that parents step up and help them. There are numerous things you can do. Here's how.

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Amanda Gillam 18th February, 2019
The 10 Best Movies about Money – Getting it, Spending and Losing it

Here are what we think are the best movies made about money - the serious, the humourous and the dramatic. Let us know which movies you'd add to our list!

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Alex Hartley 14th February, 2019
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