Launched today is our brand new programme that aims to give SEO specialists a bigger share of the pie – something that rewards SEO effort more equitably. Like many roles the typical SEO consultant or business is paid in relation to the time they spend on the task. This caps the rewards even if the website “goes exponential”. How would you feel about an arrangement where your SEO effort gives you the opportunity to grow your income in line with website growth? Well, that’s what we have in mind.
SEO partnership programme

A Revenue Share Agreement

Our SEO Partnership programme is open to any SEO professional (individual or company) who can demonstrate their superior SEO skills. If you have what it takes to nurture a brand new website in the UK personal finance market through a strong growth phase to a sustained strong performance then we’d like to hear from you today.

Rather than a traditional remuneration method we want share the revenue growth achieved through the search engine optimisation of brand new websites – sites that will only be marketed and developed through SEO.

Our parent company, Affiniti Digital Media Ltd, is planning to launch a number of new UK personal finance websites each of which requires a strong SEO partner. If this sounds exciting, if you could commit a substantial effort for an extended period of time and are prepared to invest your time now for a much larger return in the medium term then this programme could be for you.

Discover more about our SEO partner programme and if it floats your boat, and if you can see the bigger picture then we’d like to receive your application.