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Truly great at SEO? Earn £000s in Commission

Solution Loans is one of the UK’s leading online credit broker websites. We’re owned by Affiniti Digital Media Ltd who are fully regulated by the FCA and have strong business relationships with numerous UK credit providers.

Affiniti is looking for talented SEO partners to join them to create the next wave of successful UK credit websites. Unlike the traditional model of paying for SEO expertise “by the hour” or “by the project” they want to give truly able SEO specialists (individuals or businesses) the chance to earn large sums – sums that aren’t capped by the hours that you put into promoting a new website.

Revenue Share Arrangement

Affiniti wants to share the benefits of the work you put into the project. They are offering a revenue share arrangement where you take a proper share of the proceeds – where revenue growth for them means revenue growth for you. No caps!

This arrangement is truly performance related and becoming an SEO Partner is a long term commitment. It requires belief in your own abilities and being prepared to wait while rankings rise and traffic starts to flow. If you can’t do this then this programme is not for you (consider being an SEO consultant instead).

The New Websites

  • Up to 5 new websites are to be built – each one will have a different SEO partner
  • Affiniti pays for the build of the basic website structure
  • Each site will contain the starting content (not the SEO-specific content) and enquiry form functionality
  • The sites will be on brand new domains (unless you want to use a previously used Affiniti-owned domain or want Affiniti to acquire a previously used domain)
  • No marketing of any kind will have been done on these new websites prior to the commencement of the SEO partnership
  • The sites will be targeting a small number of types of loan product – this will define the boundary of the SEO task. If successful then this boundary could be extended to further broaden the business opportunity.

note: Affiniti retains 100% ownership of the domain names, brand names, website content and any other intellectual property used in these SEO partnerships.

The SEO Task

Search engine optimisation is the only form of traffic generation that will be used. This way there will be no debate as to how the traffic was found. The SEO work as Affiniti sees it is as follows:

  • Develop a challenging SEO plan that will build rankings for the site and generate relevant traffic in what is a very competitive business space
  • Conduct all the preparatory SEO work necessary to flesh out the content of the website, having done the relevant keyword research
  • Implement your SEO plan across all the relevant dimensions of SEO and build rankings over the medium to long term
  • You can make recommendations to improve the functionality of the site to improve enquiry conversion rates

Affiniti's Responsibilities

  • Pay for the design & construction of the basic site and its integration into the enquiry system
  • Provide the top grade hosting and domain name
  • Work with the FCA (our regulators) and compliance check all content added to or amended on the website prior to it going live
  • Continue to develop and maintain the enquiry system that sits behind the website to pass enquiries to relevant lenders
  • Liaise with lenders as required to optimise commercial arrangements and sustain business relations
  • Update back-end systems on a routine basis to allow for the administration of the revenue share arrangement

Revenue Share - Why Become an SEO Partner?

In simple terms each party focuses on the things they do best – and the fruits of the joint labours are shared. There is no intention to conduct any traffic building other than through SEO.

The top rate of commission is 35% – the actual amount would be agreed before start based on your experience, credentials and the ambitiousness of your SEO plan. Affiniti aims to work with only the best in SEO so hopefully they can offer you 35%.

How big is the opportunity? Affiniti has run a number of websites in the target space and so they know the rates of commission that can be achieved. If your plan is ambitious, if you implement it successfully and achieve the levels of traffic they know is possible then the website could generate well in excess of £5,000 to £10,000 in commission each week – which would then be shared as per the agreement.

The Caveats

Affiniti aims to build quality websites that can generate high levels of commission for both parties over the medium to long term (18 months – 3 years). They also need committed partners who will put in the required work over an extended time frame to make this happen. The rate of initial growth is as important as the maintenance task once the site ranks well for the necessary keyword phrases. So with these important objectives in mind:

  • SEO work must be 100% ethical/white hat. If Affiniti detects anything else being done that could undermine the long term performance and longevity of the website/domain then the revenue share agreement will be terminated by them
  • If the intensity of the SEO work is too low and/or ranking achievements and traffic growth is too slow then the agreement will be terminated by Affiniti (and a new SEO partner brought in)
  • If website rankings and performance are strong, but cannot be sustained for whatever reason then the contract will be terminated by Affiniti (and a new SEO partner brought in)

How will Affiniti select SEO Partners?

To ensure that each new website stands the best chance of being successful Affiniti wants the most able partners so there are a number of dimensions to be assessed:

  • Relevant Experience – the U.K. personal finance space is highly competitive and pretty ruthless so you really need to have successfully done SEO work in this area already. Or may be an adjacent area with a similar degree of competitiveness.
  • Demonstration of Success – the need to see what you’ve achieved for other websites where you have had a close, long term and influential business relationship
  • Your level of Ambition – as shown in your plan for the new Affiniti website
  • Your Reputation – you will need to provide trade references

Next Steps in becoming a Partner

If you like the idea of a lucrative revenue share arrangement and feel you have what it takes to deliver significant traffic in a very competitive business environment then these are the next steps for you:

  • Fill in the form below
  • Initial discussion with Affiniti
  • Sign an NDA
  • Go through a selection process
  • Sign Agreement

Submit Your Details

Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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