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We’re looking for independent consultants working on a freelance basis to help us build and defend strong natural search rankings for our website. This is a very important role so if you have achieved great success in the personal finance vertical elsewhere then get in touch.

Normally we work on a rate per hour/day basis. But if your experience and credentials are exceptional then you could consider our SEO Partner Programme – a revenue share deal with no cap!

You can download the full standard SEO Search Engine Optimisation Consultant job description.

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Key Job Responsibilities

As an independent SEO specialist operating on a freelance basis, you will perform both on-page SEO and off-page SEO for our Solution Loans website:

  • Constantly analyse the performance of the website against its key competitors to identify on-page and off-page opportunities for performance improvement.
  • Liaise with web developers as required to implement technical improvements to the website and its servers.
  • Constantly monitor policy and algorithmic changes at Google & Bing to ensure the website is optimised accordingly.
  • Generate and optimise SEO content, URLs, keywords, meta tags, internal structure & links, etc.
  • Conduct article submissions & online PR
  • Implement link-building strategies including (but not limited to):
    • The provision of quality content on the site to which others will want to link to naturally.
    • Actively pursue the generation of external links from good quality, relevant 3rd party sites.
    • Ongoing blog posting and distribution of content
  • Generate positive “noise” within social media to stimulate inbound links.
  • Ensure the website contains the optimal amount of schema markup to help improve its ranking performance and the appeal of its presence in the natural search results (so as to maximise CTR%).

You should download and read the full standard SEO Search Engine Optimisation Consultant job description to ensure you understand the job content but also the candidate profile.

Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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