poor credit

poor credit
What does a “bad credit history” mean? What to do about it, and how to get credit with it.

We explain what is meant by "bad credit history" and how to improve your credit rating. If you have credit issues there may still be some credit options....

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Oliver Jones 21st November, 2016
How Guarantor Loans have changed and why you could consider one

Guarantor loans have come a long way in 10+ years. Solution Loans has been there all the way. Benefit from our experience, broad panel of lenders & no fees....

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Amanda Gillam 9th October, 2016
Make your regular purchases on a “bad credit” credit card

Credit cards are often criticised but they provide you with protection from failing suppliers and can help you rebuild your credit. But use them sensibly....

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Oliver Jones 14th September, 2016
Bad credit rating? 5 Loans you may be able to get

A bad credit history is one thing. Affordability is another. If you can show you can afford a new loan, and can provide some backup, options still may exist...

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Oliver Jones 11th July, 2016
5 loans to consider if you have bad credit

A poor credit score doesn't necessarily mean you can't get a loan or some other form of credit. Here are 5 options that may be available to you. More informatio...

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Alex Hartley 23rd May, 2016


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