How do credit agencies get their data about you?

Your ability to obtain all types of credit depends on the data that credit agencies have about you. But what do they have and where does it come from?...

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Alex Hartley 2nd November, 2020
How to access your credit report

With your credit file being your passport to all forms of credit in the future it makes great sense to know what's in it. Want to know how to get the informatio...

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Amanda Gillam 7th March, 2018
10 things to look out for on your credit file

To maximise your chance of getting credit here are the top 10 things in your credit file you need to check and make sure are correct....

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Oliver Jones 26th July, 2016
Sort your credit rating out with this guide

Watch as we explain how you can manage, maintain and improve what's held on your credit file....

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Amanda Gillam 13th August, 2015


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