emergency cash

emergency cash
Most People don’t have an Emergency Fund!

Our survey shows that 10% of the UK population have no savings to cover an emergency. 60% of us have less than £1000! Here's how to seal with the problem....

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Amanda Gillam 7th January, 2019
How to pay for a domestic emergency or unexpected expense

We're all likely to suffer one large unexpected expense this year. Are you ready for it? When that domestic emergency strikes how will you pay for it?...

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Alex Hartley 28th January, 2017
How to deal with a financial emergency

If you find yourself with an unexpected cost or a temporary fall in income then you need a plan to deal with the financial emergency. Here are some top tips...

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Oliver Jones 23rd August, 2016
Weekly Wordle – Payday Loans

Learn how the payday loan industry has cleaned up its act and what this means for you if you are thinking of using a payday loan....

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Amanda Gillam 5th May, 2015


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