being a guarantor

being a guarantor
Should You Act As Someone’s Guarantor?

You should never feel under pressure to be someone's guarantor. And before you decide to be one here are some things you should consider....

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Alex Hartley 17th May, 2020
The pros and cons of being a guarantor

Here's what you need to consider before agreeing to become someone's guarantor - even if you think you know them well....

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Alex Hartley 23rd February, 2020
All you need to know about acting as a rental property guarantor

As rents rise ahead of incomes landlords of rental property seeing growing risk. So they are asking for rental guarantors to protect them from missed payments....

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Alex Hartley 19th July, 2018
Who can be my guarantor for a loan?

Choose your guarantor with care. You need to trust each other & you need to be able to please the lender with your choice of guarantor. Here's how to do it....

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Amanda Gillam 17th January, 2018
Have you been asked to be someone’s guarantor? Want to know more?

Being asked to act as someone's guarantor will feel like a compliment but you need to be aware of the obligations you are taking on....

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Amanda Gillam 18th December, 2014


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