bank account

bank account
If you feel financially excluded what can you do about it?

Nearly 2m people in the UK don't have a bank account. Others have poor knowledge of financial products and how to manage credit. Millions more have virtually no...

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Alex Hartley 5th March, 2018
How do people cope with no bank account?

Not having a bank account means living a cash-based lifestyle. This may be a conscious choice or may have been imposed. What are the real problems and costs?...

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Oliver Jones 22nd April, 2017
How to switch bank current accounts for a better deal

Over 3m people have switched their UK bank accounts. Why haven't you? It's easy. It's all done for you and only takes 7 days. Switch and start saving now....

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Oliver Jones 12th January, 2017
How to choose the best student bank account

Student bank accounts come with various benefits to lure you in. Some of these are gimmicks while others genuinely helpful. Which should you choose?...

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Alex Hartley 10th September, 2016


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