When it comes to products there are some clever ways to get your hands on genuinely free stuff – even the so-called “free lunch”! Whether you’re on a budget and trying to find ways to economise, or to get certain products that you really resent paying through the nose for, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to get these for free online. And if you’re looking to try before you buy then the Internet is a goldmine of opportunity. So, how do you claim free products online every week?

1. New product launches

When big brands start producing new products, the first thing they tend to do is send out samples. This has the joint purpose of enabling the brand to get some sense of what people think of the product and also creating a customer base for its launch. The easiest way to stay on top of the samples that might be available is to subscribe to newsletters for the brand in question, or sign up to one of the many offer aggregation websites that will notify you which brands are offering samples of their products. Most of the time you’ll simply need to provide your name and postal address in order to receive the sample but sometimes additional information is required.

2. Recommend a friend

Whether it’s sharing promotional content via Facebook or supplying the email addresses for a number of your friends, freebies are available when you help brands to expand their network and reach. Again, aggregator websites are a simple way to browse which brands tend to offer these kinds of deals and you can also start with your favourite brands and monitor their offers. This kind of free products offer is frequently used by brands when they first launch, or when a new line of products appears.

3. Signing up

If you’re willing to fill your inbox with correspondence from various brands then you will have access to another rich resource of freebies as there are plenty of companies out there that are willing to provide something – from sample products, to free chocolate – in return for subscribing to a newsletter or signing up to receive offers and information. Make sure you opt for those brands that you actually want to hear from or your email account could become completely overloaded with rubbish.

4. Vote

A broad range of businesses will offer freebies in exchange for taking part in votes or competitions, for example voting for your favourite beauty products. It’s difficult to get people to take part in anything these days and companies recognise that they need to offer something in return. You can find websites that collate these participatory freebie offers with a simple Google search – choose those that you are really interested in and watch the freebies roll in through the letterbox (it’s worth noting that you are not always guaranteed a freebie with some of these votes but it may be worth taking part anyway).

5. Give your views

If you’re willing to hand over some of your data, and to take the time to offer your views on a product or brand, then many businesses are prepared to send freebies in return. You may be asked to provide views on anything from boiler servicing through to how often you go to the supermarket. Data is crucial to all consumer businesses and your views really count – so much so that there are lots of freebies available for those who have the time to sit down and take the surveys.

6. Download an app

Some of the more complex freebies might require you to download a piece of software in order to access the offer. This isn’t as onerous as it might sound, as the app is normally free to download – just make sure you only hit download for apps attached to offers from brands that you recognise so that you’re not downloading malicious software.

7. Print out a voucher

Obtaining some freebies requires interaction in real life – provide basic details and then you’re given a voucher for your freebie, which you can usually then take to a store to redeem.

All of these freebies require you to offer something in return – whether that’s basic personal data or carryout out an action or providing some insight. To make sure that you’re not handing over information you shouldn’t it’s often worth searching for deals via a reputable offers aggregator site (easy to find via a search engine) or going straight to the website of the brand in question so there’s no question about authenticity.

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