v5 loan

v5 loan
Is a Logbook Loan right for you? Let us explain.

Should you use a logbook loan? They've had bad press so may be it's time to properly explain how a logbook loan works. Here's our audio guide....

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Amanda Gillam 18th March, 2015
Weekly Wordle – we’ve wordled our Logbook Loans guide!

See what you get if you run our guide to logbook loans through Wordle! A great way to visualise the key words and see their importance. You can also read the gu...

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Amanda Gillam 20th February, 2015
Are Guarantor Loans Better Than Logbook Loans?

You may be considering a logbook loan to get the cash you need. But there are other options that may be open to you including a guarantor loan....

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Amanda Gillam 4th December, 2014


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