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Our Unsecured Loans:

Our free online enquiry process will help find the unsecured loan you want.

Unsecured loans account for a significant proportion of UK consumer debt. This type of loan is great because the borrower does not risk any assets - there's no security or collateral required.

The deals available to the borrower depend on their:

  • credit history - the better the history the lower the APR%
  • income vs outgoings - to judge the affordability

Using our free broker service means we should be able to help find you the loan you need.

Unsecured Loans for Poor Credit

We have a broad panel of lenders that means we are able to find lenders for all degrees of creditworthiness. However, we pride ourselves in having a particularly strong panel in the areas of poor and bad credit. There's been a lot of innovation in this part of the market in the last decade and we now work with the majority of this group of specialist lenders.

Our bad credit lenders can be clustered into three groups - those who:

  • "price" the loan on the basis of the applicant's specific risk profile (credit scoring)
  • will lend so long as the applicant's credit score is better than a minimum value
  • require the applicant to provide a guarantor to offset the risk

We're sure that regardless of your credit history we'll be able to find you one or more loan offers.

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Best Unsecured Loan Deals

If you only apply to one lender how do you know you've got the best deal? Would applying to two or three more improve your chances? How do you know which to apply to given you may not know your credit rating?

To really know if you've been offered the best unsecured loans you need to be sure that your enquiry is being seen by the widest selection of lenders for your probably credit history. And that's how our broker service works - for free!

In no more than 60 seconds we'll be able to tell you which lenders think they could lend to you in principle.

How Much do they Cost?

Is a loan cheap or is it expensive? Different applicants will feel differently depending on their credit rating and on how long they have been looking for a loan - perhaps they've been rejected numerous times and are more prepared to compromise on the price they'll have to pay.

Certainly the rule is that you should be able to get a cheaper loan if you have a better credit rating. But regardless of this you should always shop around and compare lender offers. This is where a broker, like Solution Loans, can really help you given our broad panel of lenders.

For many borrowers how affordable the monthly repayments are is a more important consideration that the APR%. And this is where our loan calculator can help.

Your Income & Employment

With affordability one of the key considerations for a lender it's more important than ever to demonstrate that your income comfortably exceeds your outgoings.

Being part time employed, self employed or retired is no longer an impediment to you getting a loan; there are now so many lenders who will consider these types of employment. After all there is now no such thing as a standard career path.

We even have some cash lenders who will consider small loans if your income is actually benefits of some kind.

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Our Lenders

There are now so many types of lender who can provide unsecured loans of one form or another. Our website is primarily about unsecured loans and where to get them, so you have plenty of information available to you.

But it's worth pointing out that Banks are now highly risk averse and if you have just a minor blemish in your credit file they may not wish to lend to you. Your best bet is to use us as your no fee broker so we can help find you a lender who is interested.

How to Get a Small Unsecured Loan Quickly

Large loans tend to take a few days to organise - the lenders have plenty of checks they need to conduct. But smaller loans (perhaps up to £1000 - £2000) can be available much more quickly, Sometimes within just a few hours.

We compare the various types of unsecured loans to help you narrow down the options. You'll know when you've seen the right thing, but make sure you shop around.

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