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Bad Credit Personal Loans

Personal Loans for:

  • Poor credit histories
  • Those on an IVA
  • Ex Bankrupts
  • Low credit scores
  • Self employed people
  • Unearned income (e.g. pensions & benefits)
  • Unemployed / No Job

Millions of UK residents have some form of poor credit rating. Be it a missed payment or two or a full blown bankruptcy. This can cause problems when trying to get a personal loan, particularly from high street banks who are particularly picky.

We work with a wide range of specialist bad credit personal loan lenders. So even if you've been previously rejected it is still possible we could find you a personal loan. Many of these lenders do not need a guarantor.

Personal Loans for a Bad Credit History

The key advantage we have is that we work with a great panel of unsecured lenders who specialise in helping people get credit who have some form of credit problem. There are 3 different types of bad credit lender:

  • those who offer a single APR% but have a strict lend/don't lend policy based on the achievement of a minimum credit score
  • those who provide loans to a wider pool of people and calculate the loan APR % based on the borrower's specific risk (with reference to their credit file)
  • those who largely ignore a borrower's credit history and lend on the basis of them providing a guarantor for the loan.

If you are a homeowner then you might also have the option of a secured loan.

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Personal Loans for the Self-Employed & Unemployed

Over the last 15 years the number of self-employed people in the UK has risen by over 40% to 4.5 million! There is a fairly even mix between full-time self-employed and part-time self-employed. Traditionally self-employment has meant it has been hard to borrow and hard to get credit simply because the regularity of income has been harder to prove than with employment.

However things are changing fast and lenders have realised that they need to accommodate this growing market and find a way of meeting its credit needs. Many of our lenders are able to provide personal loans to self-employed people.

If you are unemployed or perhaps retired or on benefits so that you don't have any earned income it is still possible that you may be able to get some credit even if it is a smaller amount. It may be that you need to consider a payday loan or doorstep loan.

How Personal Loans work

£100 to £25,000 for those with a Bad Credit Rating

Our panel of lenders means that we can cater for a broad range of loan values even if you have a bad credit history. Not all lenders can offer all loan sizes so the only way to know whether you can get the £1,000, £5,000, £10,000, £15,000 or more you need is to make your enquiry.

We'll instantly be able to feed back to you the deals available from our lenders and then you can decide how you want to proceed with your bad credit personal loan.

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