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Best Personal Loans

The best personal loan for you is very much something that depends on your needs and on your current circumstances.

The factors that could influence your choice of loan could include:

  • The amount you want to borrow
  • The maximum interest rate you feel able to justify
  • How long you want to borrow for
  • How affordable the monthly repayments are
  • Your credit rating
  • How quickly you need to get the cash

Best Deals Because:

Compare Personal Loans to choose your right loan

The problem with your standard comparison website is that a table of options tell you nothing about which lenders will actually offer you a loan in principle. So, you end up clicking through to the websites of numerous lenders only to discover that they won't lend. What an enormous waste of time!

We do things differently to help save you time and to help find you lenders who actually want to talk to you about lending.

You need to know 1) Who will lend to you, and 2) What the deals are. Then you can compare the loan offers to find the best one that suits your needs. We can make this happen!

How to find the Best Online Personal Loans

Our free online enquiry service works like this:

  1. Submit an enquiry form
  2. Wait no more than 60 seconds to find out which of our lender panel will lend in principle
  3. Compare the deals presented to you
  4. Click through to those lenders you are interested in to complete your online application
  5. Get your loan paid out

This is a much better solution than offered by a standard comparison website. You won't be shown those lenders who can't lend and you only have to complete one enquiry form.

Personal Loan Rates

The best rate you will be offered will depend on:

  • Your personal credit history and the scoring process used by the lender
  • Whether lenders offers a single rate to all or whether the rate is tailored to your specific credit rating
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • The loans period over which you would like to borrow

If you have a bad credit history you may find that you could get a better interest rate or lower APR% by providing someone to guarantee your loan repayments and going down the route of a guarantor loan.

But regardless of whether your credit history is good or bad it always pays to make a comparison of personal loan deals as that way you can be confident of your decision.

All About Personal Loans

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