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  • Rates from 4.00% APRC
  • Rep. 9.1% APRC
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  • 95+% LTV / Bad Credit OK
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Best Secured Loan Rates

Choose the amount you need and we’ll show you the best deals, ordered by lowest “initial rate”.

  • Compare over 600 secured loans from the UK’s top 15 lenders
  • Rates start at 4.00% APR (Rep. 9.1% APRC). Many loans are suitable for poor credit histories although at higher rates.
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This table is ordered by initial rate. Use the options above the table to help focus on lenders who may be able to provide a quote. Our comparison service features a selection of providers from whom we receive commission.

Representative example: Borrow £18,000 over 120 months at a rate of 7.3% per annum (partly fixed/partly vrbl). Repay £228.99 per month. Total to repay £27,478.80 comprising interest (£7,453.80), broker fee (£1,530) and lender fee (£495). Total overall cost 9.1% APRC.

Minimum Term 12 months | Maximum Term 300 months | Maximum APR charged 49.9%.


How to Compare Secured Loans: 4 Quick Steps

There are over 600 secured loan deals to choose from. But our secured loan comparison tool makes it easy to narrow down your choices. Here’s how to find the right secured loan deal for your needs:

Compare loan deals

2: Review the Table of Results

The lender deals are ordered based on the initial rate of interest. You can use these results to create a shortlist. Click through to get full quotations and start your application.

Choose your loan deal and apply

3: Complete You Application

Complete your application which will include a property valuation, and credit & affordability checks.

Receive your loan from the lender

4: Get Your Money

Within two to three weeks all the processing of your application should have been completed and you will receive your loan.

Find Your Top 10 Secured Loans

We probably have access to the widest panel of lenders in the UK (currently 15), who between them have hundreds of loan deals available, if we can’t find you the best secured loan deals then we doubt anyone can!

All our lenders are well funded and eager to lend if your circumstances allow it. While most loans are at variable rates there are fixed-rate loans available too.

Due to the nature of this product there are lender setup fees and broker fees, but these are shown as part of the total deals so you can make reasonable comparisons. The representative rate is currently 9.1% APRC (which includes fees).

To compare loan deals you need to:

Obviously, prior to any final loan payouts by lenders, a credit check will be done as well as a proper valuation of your property.

You may wish to quickly see the total costs associated with a secured loan and to judge if one is likely to be affordable over the time frame you have in mind. Use the repayment calculator (select “secured” as the “loan type”) – take care as it uses the representative APR; your quotes are almost certainly going to be different. So it makes sense to get proper lender quotes now.


How to get the Lowest Rate Secured Loan

The % rate you will be offered for your secured loan is influenced by:

  • your credit rating
  • the loan amount
  • the length of time you want to borrow for
  • The LTV% (loan to value) – i.e. the loan value as a proportion of the free equity in your home1

1 If your secured loan were a high % of the free equity in your property and the value of your property fell then the lender’s loan might not be fully protected. So, the interest rate charged tends to rise as the LTV% rises.


So to minimise the total cost of your loan, as well as to get the lowest APR%, you should:

  • Only borrow the amount you need – don’t be tempted to add a “little extra”; that could prove costly
  • Keep your loan to as low an LTV% as you can
  • Borrow for as short a time frame as possible, and pay the loan off early if you can
  • Ensure that your credit file is 100% correct and up to date

Even if your credit rating is poor you may find that a secured loan is still cheaper than alternatives that offer the lender no security.

Find Lowest Loan Rates


Secured Loans Guide

If you’re uncertain which type of credit might suit you or you have a money problem then one of guides may help you. We summarise each type of loan and their pros and cons, and address issues regarding debt and credit ratings.

FAQs about Secured Loan Deals

Answers to Your Questions about Interest Rates & Deals

Can I get a fixed rate secured loan?

The majority of secured loans have variable rates and many deals will have a so-called “initial rate” lasting a short period of time. Secured loans are usually repaid over an extended period of time during which market interest rates can fluctuate considerably. Consequently, lenders usually offer variable rates to reflect this. However, there are fixed rates available but the duration and rate offered may not necessarily meet your requirements.

What is the cheapest secured loan available today?

You will find the cheapest rates today by using the comparison table above – simply input the loan amount you need and the period over which you’d like to repay it.

By varying the loan amount and repayment period you will also discover how the initial interest rate changes. But keep in mind that the cheapest interest rate should not be your only consideration when choosing your deal. You ought also to consider fees and other factors (e.g. early repayment) that could be important to you.

What determines the cost of a secured loan?

Market conditions (e.g. the economy & Bank of England policies) are significant underlying factors, but in addition to this are those aspects specific to your personal circumstances and your finance needs. These include:

  • the loan amount
  • the implied loan to value (i.e. the loan value as a % of your homes free equity [less the existing mortgage balance])
  • the duration of your loan
  • your credit rating (less of a factor than with a personal loan, because your home is used as security).
How can I compare secured loan interest rates?

The easiest way to do this is to use our comparison table above which lists the up to date results for you. It ranks the available deals with the lowest initial rates first. Keep in mind that initial rates are just that – they don’t last, and that with secured loans there are various fees to be accounted for which the table cannot display.

In other words, when choosing your secured loan deal you need to take into account more than just the interest rate. Fees and other terms such as early repayment options, or the ability to add to the loan amount, may be important for you to consider too.

What secured loan deals are available now?

We work with an extensive panel of UK lenders. Currently, it is around 15 lenders who between them offer over 600 secured loan deals. By far the easiest way for you to find out the deals available right now is to use our loan comparison tool that will list and rank all those that match your desired loan value and the repayment period.


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