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Amigo Loans

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Lender Snapshot

  • £500 to £10,000 over 1 to 5 years
  • No Fees
  • CCJs & Defaults OK
  • Fast Payout (within 24 hours possible)
  • Pay off early to reduce interest costs (no fees or charges for this)
  • Strong Customer Ratings
  • Great for Credit Building

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Amigo Loans is the UK's leading provider of guarantor loans. Although the business started in 2005 it was only when it rebranded to its current name in 2012 and started advertising on TV that it became well-known. While it is the best know lender in this sector it is not necessarily the most competitive nor the most innovative. Its success has meant that it listed on the stock market in 2018.

Why Apply to Amigo through Solution Loans?

Simple really:

  • It's the same deal as going direct to Amigo
  • The same enquiry will instantly let you know if other lenders are interested - and many of them offer better deals than Amigo (we other lenders with loan rates starting at 29.9% and even larger loan values)
  • It's FREE! So, you've nothing to lose while it will save you time and may save you money!

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Summary of Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans believes that the old fashioned values of trust and relationships should have more value when determining whether to offer a loan than simply relying on a computer credit score. Their guarantor lending model is based on this principle. Before lending you money they will talk to both you and your guarantor to ensure that everyone understands the part they are playing. And of course like all other lenders they are obliged to treat the customer fairly at all times.

Amigo: Loan Summary

Representative APR Loan Term (months) Loan Amount (£) Instant decision E-signature available
49.9% 12 - 60 500 - 10,000  tick-circle-blue.png  tick-circle-blue.png
Representative Example: Borrow £3000 for 36 months. Repay £146.37 each month. Total interest of £2269.32. Total repayable £5269.32. Representative APR 49.9% (variable).

Amigo Launches Amigo Store

Amigo Store is a reaction to the high charges some weekly payment companies levy for providing domestic goods (such as TVs & computers) on credit. With Amigo Store you can shop for your goods online and pay for them at the till with Amigo credit so saving significant sums.


Top 5 Questions - Answered - and 10 promises

What is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is someone known to the borrower who will make the required payments to Amigo Loans if for some reason the you, the borrower, do not.

From your point of view you need to make sure the guarantor trusts you and because this is so important it means that the guarantor is likely to be a family member or a very close personal friend.

From Amigo's point of view they will need a guarantor who satisfies the following criteria:

  • they are aged 18 to 75.
  • they have a good credit history of their own.
  • they could afford to make the repayments if you fail to.
Who can be my Guarantor?

Amigo Loans says a suitable guarantor is someone who:

  • is aged 18-75 (no older than 75 at the end of the term of the loan)
  • hasn't had any issues paying their bills historically
  • can afford to make the monthly repayments if you don't
  • is either a homeowner or a non-homeowner (but keep in mind that if you offer a homeowner guarantor that you stand a better chance of having your guarantor accepted).
What is the Loan Application Process?

Use our free enquiry service to see which lenders will lend to you in principle. We'll be able to tell you if Amigo Loans is one of these and if not we would expect to show you some alternatives.

If Amigo Loans does accept your enquiry you can continue the application process online to provide them with further information. If all goes well then they will call you and your guarantor to go through the terms of the loan and to ensure that you can both afford the loan (the guarantor as well in case you are unable to meet a repayment).

Once all the checks have been passed your loan will be paid out into your guarantor's bank account (this is done to reduce the risk of fraud) within 24 hours (or 48 hours if applications were completed off line).

How long does it take to get my loan?

If your application is completed 100% online and all checks are completed without a problem then you could get your loan within 24 hours. Most loans are paid out within 48 hours. What could slow down the payout?

  • If you or your guarantor aren't around when Amigo try to call you - so keep your phone close to hand.
  • If your guarantor's property is in Scotland or Ireland (checking addresses in these countries takes longer)
  • If you've applied over a weekend or a bank holiday
  • If Amigo Loans requires some physical documentation (like proof of ID or bank statements)
Can I pay some or all of the loan off early?

You certainly can and Amigo Loans will not charge you any fees for doing so. The benefits are very clear - because interest is charged on a daily basis if you pay off a £1 today then you will instantly stop being charged any interest on that £1. So, you only pay interest on the actual period you have borrowed that £1.

If you have set up a direct debit to make your repayments these will be taken as normal, but a quick phone call to Amigo means you can amend your repayments in light of any early payments you have made.

10 Promises if you fall into arrears

Amigo Loans has made these promises in case you were to fall into arrears. They will:

  • always treat you with courtesy and respect
  • work with you to get you out of arrears and back on track as soon as they can
  • only collect a payment from a credit or debit card when there has been a prior agreement to do so
  • only contact you by the means and at the times previously agreed (so long as those are reasonable)
  • keep you informed of any action they are planning to take
  • minimise the amount of contact while seeking a mutually agreeable solution
  • not approach the guarantor for payment unless all attempts to resolve the arrears have failed
  • never charge you for late or missed payments or for contacting you (e.g. letters, texts, calls, etc)
  • only use a court to enforce a debt when all alternatives have failed
  • never repossess your home nor force you to sell it

Regulatory Information

  • Amigo Loans Ltd is part of the Richmond Group. Registered in the UK, number 4841153. Registered Address: Walton House, 56-58 Richmond HIll, Bournemouth, BH2 6EX
  • Correspondence Address - Nova Building, 118-128 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5LT
  • Data Protection - registered with the Information Commissioner's Office Z8738456
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN 708284
The Founder's Passion (video - click to open)

Discover in this video what James Benamore, the Founder of Amigo, feels about providing a personal service at a human scale.

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