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Guarantor Loans

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Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

With guarantor loans you and/or your guarantor can be non-homeowners. So tenants and those still living with family or friends are welcome and potentially eligible for a loan.

Guarantor Loans were designed for non-homeowners and people with bad credit. So if you do not own your own home, and maybe even have a guarantor who does not own theirs, then there still could be loan options for you.

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  • Guarantor does not need to own their home
  • Applicants can be non-homeowners, tenants or homeowners
  • Loans up to £7,500
  • Bad credit OK
  • Same day payout possible

Non-Homeowner Guarantor Loans - £100 to £7500

Unlike homeowner loans, a guarantor loan is not secured against a property and therefore you may be able to borrow money without being a homeowner and even if you have a poor credit file.

Living with Parents, with Family or with Friends

Being a non-homeowner might typically make you think you have to be a tenant of a rented property, but this isn't the case. The term can cover a multitude of options. Rather than renting a place on your own you could be living with people you know such as your family, your parents of with good friends. And your guarantor could be in a similar position.

How Does A Guarantor Loan Work?

A Guarantor Loan requires you to have a friend, family member or work colleague guarantee your loan repayments. So it doesn't matter if you have a poor credit history or do not own a property. As long as your Guarantor has a reasonably good credit history then you should be able to borrow the money you need. Depending on how much money you are looking to borrow your guarantor may need to be a homeowner - for further details see below.

Find out more about who can be a guarantor.

Does my Guarantor need to be a Homeowner?

If the loan is less than £7500, then NO your guarantor does not need to be a homeowner

If the guarantor loan you are taking out is £7500 or less then your guarantor does not need to be a homeowner - being a tenant or living with friends or family is fine. As long as they have proof of income and have a clean credit file then they are potentially eligible to be your guarantor.

If the loan is greater than £7500, then YES your guarantor does need to be a homeowner

If you are looking to take out a guarantor loan of between £7500 and £15,000 then it is a requirement that your guarantor is a homeowner.

How do I get a Guarantor Loan?

  • If you want a loan where your guarantor is a non-homeowner or a tenant:
    • for short term loan of £100 to £750 click here
    • for medium/long term loan of £500 to £7500 click here
  • If you want a loan over £7500 then you must have a homeowner guarantor - click here.

Which ever route you follow we will strive to find you the very best deal for you from our large panel of lenders.

This application process will give you an instant decision in principle. And you could get you the money you need within 24 hours if you can provide an acceptable guarantor and can demonstrate you can afford the repayments.

To discover your non homeowner guarantor loan options you do not need to provide us with any details of your guarantor.

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