Results Of Winter 2016/17 Competition

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Winners announced

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our first Solution Loans Short Story Competition in which we asked writers to submit an uplifting piece of fiction involving the use finance for a very specific purpose.

We received a large number of entries. It was refreshing to see a broad spread of ideas about how personal finance can solve problems and provide a gateway to new opportunities. We had a strong shortlist, but our judges were unanimous in choosing the overall winner and three runners up.

The winner receives a cheque for £200 and each runner up £50. All have their stories published on our website.

Winner: A New Agenda by Sarah Evans
Runners Up: Something New by Sarah Ann Hall
A Bit of a Gamble by Alyson Hilbourne
Once in a Lifetime by Kit Perkins

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Comments on Winner & Runners Up


A New Agenda by Sarah Evans (read story)

Our judges said:

Sarah’s story takes us straight to the point where our main character is seeking a loan, but leaves us in suspense as to how she plans to use the funds. We liked the characterisation of the old friends as they meet up at a college reunion – some painfully accurate descriptions and observations here! We think we know where this story is heading, but the author is playing with us and has a final twist in store. This was a well-constructed story with a strong, believable narrator and an interesting plot.


Something New by Sarah Ann Hall (read story)

Our judges said:

We particularly liked Sarah Ann’s humour in this piece of domestic fiction. Good use of dialogue planted us firmly in the story from the very beginning and quickly identified the reason for the loan. Our main character is very clearly on a mission and nothing is going to stop her! Her developing relationship with the new purchase is an amusing parallel to the main story and the gentle twist at the end raised a smile.

A Bit of a Gamble by Alyson Hilbourne (read story)

Our judges said:

We really liked the sense of drive and ambition portrayed in the main character, Daph, and the description of the café gave us a clear sense of the scale of the task she’s taken on. Dialogue with her bank manager, her parents and her customers cleverly creates uncertainty and tension as to whether her project is going to work or not. The ending gives us resolution and brings the story full circle, reminding us of the opening scenes again.

Once in a Lifetime by Kit Perkins (read story)

Our judges said:

Kit’s story takes us on a journey – a cruise specifically – with a charming older couple. Her story paints an effective picture of their shared enjoyment of the trip and we are unprepared for what happens later. We liked the way the story leads us in one direction, but then surprises us in the end.

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Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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