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Free Debt Advice: Where to get it if you need it now

If you are struggling unpaid bills & other debts then it's time to get free debt advice. There's plenty available and you should use it as soon as possible....


Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans include both secured loan and personal loan options. Reduce your monthly payments. Bad credit options are available....


How to deal with your debts if you’ve become long term ill, sick or disabled

If you have debt and have become long term sick or disabled don't worry. There are ways to tackle your debt so that you don't get overwhelmed by it....


Guide To Managing And Reducing Your Debt

Millions of people in the UK live with debt. Debt can cause extreme stress and anxiety. You can overcome your debt burden. Read our guide now...


Finance and Mental Health – getting credit and managing debts

Money pressures and mental health are closely linked. And they are more prevalent than you might think. Here's some information on both that could help....


Case Study: How Bob & Karen dealt with unemployment and debt

In case it helps you here's how our friends Bob and Karen dealt with their long period of unemployment and managed their debts. Lessons for all from this....


Update: The Proposed Debt Breathing Space

The proposal to implement a formal debt breathing space scheme should please the 4 million UK residents struggling with debt. Here's how it will work....


Where to get free financial advice

There's often no need to pay for financial advice. There are loads of organisations willing to help you if you decide to ask. Don't delay!...


Data Shows Debt Prone Millennials Have Poor Grasp of Financial Basics

Our survey reveals that Millennials are not only the most indebted but also have the poorest grasp of fundamental financial knowledge and skills....


ITV’s Tonight programme looks into debt in Britain

There is a very worrying trend in the causes and volume of debt being incurred by Britons. But there are well worn techniques for controlling it too....


The top 10 pieces of money advice every young person should know

Schools don't teach money management - we all muddle through and work it our for ourselves. How better prepared would we be if someone had sat us down and guided us when we were younger? To help out we've listed the top 10 money management ...


7 Things about Debt you ought to know!

Wherever credit is available debt is sure to follow. Millions in the UK have £000s of debt and are ill-equipped to deal with it. Managing debt is not taught at school and people learn the hard way. Here are 7 things about debt you should b...

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