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Oakam offers 12-month instalment loans up to £1,750. Compare to alternative loans of up to £5,000. Choose what's right for you. No fees....


118 118 Money

118 118 Money for instalment loans up to £5,000. Compare short term loans and choose what's right for you. No fees....


Satsuma Loans

Satsuma Loans for instalment loans up to £1,000. Compare short term loans and choose what's right for you. No fees. Loans up to £5,000...


Instalment Loans

Our instalment loans spread the cost of a short term loan. Installment loans are a better way to borrow £100 to £2000+ than a payday loan. No fees....


Car Loans

Compare car loans to other car finance products. The best car loans deals including bad credit. Get a quote now. Free car history check & valuation....


101 Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating

The definitive list of 101 ways to improve your credit rating and maximise your chance of being accepted for credit. Start today!...


The Rise of UK Credit Deserts

Is your area becoming a credit desert? The UK has 29 places where people who need credit simply can't get it at affordable rates....


How should vulnerable energy consumers be protected?

A recent report demonstrated that vulnerable consumers in the UK - those who are sick, disabled, on low incomes or are pensioners - aren't being protected from energy debt....


2019’s Best Money Management Apps

It' easier than ever to manage your money and budgeting on the go with clever apps. Here are 7 of the best money management apps available today....


Secured Loan Lenders & Brokers

Compare secured loans lenders via the leading UK secured loans broker. Over 600 deals available including those for bad credit....


Small Personal Loans

Choose from a range of small loans starting from £100. Typically short term (1 to 36 months). Bank account not always necessary....


Does it make sense to have a Mortgage over more than 25 years?

Can you imagine borrowing over 30 to 40 years to buy your home? Does this feel excessively long? Well, more and more people are and this article explains why....

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