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We’re looking for independent consultants working on a freelance basis to help us build and maintain our Solution-Loans.co.uk website. With user experience the core of what we do, and the move to mobile first happening right now this is a very important role. So if you have the necessary experience then get in touch.

You can download the full Web Designer job description.

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Key Job Responsibilities

As an independent designer operating on a freelance basis you will design, construct, and provide ongoing management of the Solution Loans website:

  • Liaise with internal clients:
    • to manage expectations and to develop a good understanding of
      clients’ requirements.
    • to develop specific sections and features within the website.
    • deliver progress reports and manage projects within efficient time scales and budgets.
  • Create, design and construct websites:
    • write the page code.
    • work with SEO & Paid Search Consultants to ensure website satisfy and comply with search marketing requirements.
    • manage internal and external resources.
    • create, maintain and manage all design elements and promotional campaigns.
    • create and maintain design, content and copy for the website portfolio, ensuring that all expectations meet high standards.
    • source imagery, content, multi-media and online resources as required.
    • create and design cutting edge visual graphics, mind-blowing imagery, online video and other innovative design features to increase end-user conversions.
    • optimise digital imagery for the web.
    • site and functionality testing in different browsers and on different devices and resolve any coding issues that may occur.
    • work effectively with back-end technology web developers as required.
  • Manage amendments to websites and ensure that delivery of this is carried
    out within deadlines and to a high standard.
  • Research and follow new and developing trends & technologies within web
    and online design.

You should download and read the full Web Designer job description to ensure you understand the job content and also the candidate profile.

Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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