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We’re looking for independent consultants working on a freelance basis to help us build and manage larger, more efficient and more profitable PPC (Paid Search) campaigns for Solution Loans.

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Key Job Responsibilities

As an independent Consultant operating on a freelance basis you will be be responsible for developing new PPC campaigns for the Solution Loans website:

  • Set up and manage paid campaigns across Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and other paid search networks
  • Ensure maximum campaign performance by constantly identifying new opportunities and eliminating weaknesses
  • Achieve agreed ROI for campaign investment
  • Make recommendations for on-going changes to improve performance
  • Make recommendations for new PPC-related opportunities
  • Recommend new optimisation tactics
  • Provide clients with regular feedback and advice on their campaigns including written reports as required

You should download and read the full PPC Paid Search SEM Consultant job description to ensure you understand the job content and also the candidate profile.

Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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