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Bad Credit & Instant Decision

As a technology-led no fee broker we work with numerous lenders and numerous types of loans. Even though you might have a poor credit history this doesn’t mean we can’t find you a fast loan. Our lenders are keen to find ways to lend if it is viable and the repayments affordable.

Choose from small short term amounts which have almost on-the-spot payouts to larger unsecured sums that could still be paid today. Larger secured loans are likely to take some weeks to complete.


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Quick Loan Options

Consider these payout choices:

Loans that can payout within 24 hours

If you have bad credit but you need a loan quickly then keep in mind that each of the following loans has the potential to be paid out the same day as you apply. Payday and Instalment loans offer a maximum amount of £1,000 to £2,000. If you need to borrow more then you could consider a Logbook loan or a Guarantor loan. These are slightly more complex, but could still payout within 24 hours if you have all the necessary information to hand.

If you can wait 2-3 weeks and you own your home then you could consider a secured loan. With your home acting as security you can borrow larger sums of money at lower interest rates than with unsecured loans. The provision of security also means that having a historic credit problem may not be so much of an issue.

Loans that offer an instant decision

We have two panels of unsecured lenders that have joined their systems to ours to enable this:

They range from £500 to £25,000 and generally, it is possible to achieve a payout the same day. The process to do this is very simple:

  • You make your enquiry via the links above – takes no more than 60 seconds
  • Our system “talks” to our lenders’ systems – they make their judgements
  • We assemble those who accepted you into a summary table that we show you
  • You compare deals and select which you want to go with
  • You click through to the lender website and complete your application
  • On completion and after the necessary checks the loan is paid out.
The process is 100% electronic with the final agreement signed digitally.


More about Bad Credit Loans

What's the Quickest Cash when you have Bad Credit?

Instalment Loans

The unsecured loans shown above are fast, but we have access to other types which are even faster – where the payout is in just hours. These tend to be lower value and some of these are able to cater for people who have had borrowing problems.

We’re unable to give you instant decisions for these lenders, but the lenders themselves can do this – they have designed their application processes specifically for this. If one lender is unable to lend then select another. But be aware that too many loan applications can have an adverse impact on your rating, so select your lenders with care and ask for a “soft search” if it is offered.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are indelibly linked to people with adverse histories. But that’s a bit unfair as payday lenders are just as concerned about creditworthiness as any others are. Being able to repay a loan is paramount and the rules are the same in the payday space as any other. But if you have borrowing problems payday cash is not the only option. As mentioned above there are plenty of rapid ways of getting it, many the same day as you apply.

Logbook Loans

Even though these loans are secured on your vehicle it is still possible for you to get a loan the same day you make an application. more about logbook loans


Our Money & Credit Guides

If you’re uncertain which type of credit might suit you or you have a money problem then one of our guides may help you. We summarise each type of loan and their pros and cons and address issues regarding debt and credit ratings.


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