Equity Release Explained

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Equity Release In 60 Seconds

All about Equity Release options


Video Transcript

Equity release has grown significantly in recent years. It appeals to homeowners approaching or already in retirement. It’s a tax-free way of unlocking the cash value of your home while still living in it.

Equity release is basically a mortgage that isn’t paid off until you die. While it will give you more money with which to enjoy your retirement it will mean that there is less for your family to inherit.

There are two main forms of equity release:

  1. A Lifetime mortgage – for those aged 55+. You borrow a portion of your property’s value either as a lump sum or on drawdown. You pay interest on the amount borrowed but this can be added to the debt.
  2. A Home reversion plan – for those aged 60+. The lender takes a % share of your home in exchange for a lump sum. After you die the house is sold and the lender receives its % share of the sale value.

Always take great care entering into any equity release arrangement. There may be other more cost-effective ways to meet your financial needs. Find out more at our website where you can also request a free quotation.

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