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Results Of Spring 2018 Competition

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Winners announced

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our third Solution Loans Short Story Competition in which we asked writers to submit short stories with the title or theme of “The Wedding Gift.”

Once again, the competition attracted a large number of creative entries, with many stories based around the idea of gifts of a surprising or unusual nature revealed at the wedding itself. Several dealt with unhappy revelations about cheating partners / unborn children and previous misdemeanours, including one or two murders!

Ultimately our judges said they shortlisted those stories which they felt combined a strong and engaging idea with overall great writing and story-telling.

The winner receives a cheque for £200 and each runner up £50. All have their stories published on our website.

Winner: A Priceless Gift by Jacky Power
Runners Up: Late by Julie Evans
Left on the Shelf by Morna Sullivan
The Wedding Gift by Jess Dixon

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Comments on Winner & Runners Up


A Priceless Gift by Jacky Power (read story)

Our judges said:

This was one of the shorter length stories submitted, but we felt Jacky really made every word count. We liked how she played with the reader, leading us in one, seemingly obvious, direction only to then reveal a different and unexpected outcome. There was some nice use of double meanings which hinted at the final twist. A well-constructed, clever and enjoyable story.


Late by Julie Evans (read story)

Our judges said:

We had several stories about surprise revelations before and during weddings, but this one stood out as being a bit different. We liked the early ambiguity about this middle-aged couple and the surprise revealed at the end brought it to a positive and uplifting conclusion.

Left on the Shelf by Morna Sullivan (read story)

Our judges said:

This story stood out for its choice of narrator and point of view. The sense of time passing was beautifully captured by the different snapshots from throughout the years. There was good insight into the sentimental value we sometimes attribute to family heirlooms. A charming story with a heart-warming ending.

The Wedding Gift by Jess Dixon (read story)

Our judges said:

This was a charming story which spanned two different time periods. This can be a challenge in a short story, but Jess integrated them skilfully. It’s always good to see a character that develops or grows as Nora does here, and we felt this was a very modern day tale with a beautifully interwoven message from the past.


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Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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