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Guarantor Loans Affiliate Program

We run the UK’s most effective and profitable affiliate & introducer program for guarantor loans. Our experience and knowledge of this finance product are unrivalled. Our bespoke PingMax technology finds the most profitable “home” for your guarantor loan leads.

PingMax Technology

PingMax allows us to work with all the UK’s guarantor loan lenders and to allocate the enquiries to those that offer the greatest chance of converting them. Operating in this way means that we typically provide a conversion rate many times greater than working with the biggest lenders on their own. When you combine this with a great commission % this means you can generate a superior income from working with us.

What do we offer you?

  • The best introducer brand in the UK – Solution Loans
  • Iframe forms for simple web site integration
  • An API to allow the direct feed of your enquiries into PingMax
  • A wide range of creative material for display and email purposes
  • A leading edge follow-up process to help maximise conversion rates

Why work with Solution Loans?

  • Leading technology and lender selection algorithms
  • Granular approach to enquiry data to send it down the “best” path
  • Superior knowledge of the UK guarantor loan market
  • We work with just about every UK guarantor loan lender – and more are joining us all the time
  • The best overall returns for your leads.

In simple terms we do all the “heavy lifting” – all you need to do is join our program and generate good quality enquiries. We’ll do the rest. Sign up today or find out more.



Written/Reviewed by: Amanda Gillam

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