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Unsecured Loans

  • Loans up to £25,000
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  • Use for any purpose
  • Poor & bad credit OK
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Unsecured Loan Lenders

When it comes to getting an unsecured loan you have a number of choices:

We believe that your time is precious and that you deserve to find what you need as quickly and simply as possible.

You don't want to be rejected unnecessarily and you don't want to end up filling numerous enquiry forms. A no-fee broker is probably your best option.

Where to get your loan?

  • Your local bank - they favour best credit ratings only
  • Direct from an online lender - you could end up wasting lots of time filling in lots of different online forms
  • Via a no-fee broker, with more choice - instant online decision from numerous lenders via one form

Use our free broker service and the deals you be offered will be the same as going direct, use a lot less of your time and not cost you a penny!

High Street Banks

Since the 2008/9 financial crisis your average high street bank or building society has become very cautious about lending. Only if you have one of the best credit ratings will they consider lending to you.

In fact we've seen banks - Natwest, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, Halifax, Tesco, etc - continuing to tighten credit rules to restrict lending to only the most creditworthy. So, borrowing from a bank or building society is only going to get tougher if you have some form of credit problem.

This tightening of credit scoring is affecting credit card access and limits too.

Online Direct Lenders

In recent years the number of unsecured lenders entering the unsecured loan market has blossomed. Typically these new lenders have chosen to help people with less than perfect credit - probably the very borrowers who would be rejected for loans by the big banks.

In virtually every case these lenders work online only, perhaps with a supporting call centre. Often they approach the process of lending in a new and fresh way aiming to make the process as quick and as smooth as possible. And very often the high street banks can't compete with this new level of service.

These lenders tend to span the broad spectrum of creditworthiness - from having only mild credit problems all the way to major problems like CCJs and ex-bankruptcy. New and innovative ideas, such as "rate for risk" and "lending with a guarantor", have been brought to market - again things you won't find the banks providing.

As a broker we work with many of the big names in this loan market. We've built our broker technology to allow us to discover which lenders will lend to you in principle. And we can tell you within 60 seconds of you making an enquiry. 

Free Loan Broker Service

You may believe that using a broker will simply cost you money or get you a worse deal, but this simply isn't true. If you use our loan broker service you'll discover numerous benefits:

  • Wide Choice - one simple enquiry reached numerous lenders in one go
  • Speed - we can instantly tell you which lenders want to lend and what their deals are
  • Fast Payout - you can directly complete the application process with your chosen lender
  • Competitive - deals are the same as going direct to lenders
  • FREE - our loan broker service is won't cost you a penny

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