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Are you taking on debt you can’t really afford?

Personal debt has been rising at 10% per year for some time. We're now back to pre-2008 crash levels. So the question is is this sustainable? Can people afford to service and repay this debt? New research is telling us that this new debt is...


All about the Citizen’s Advice Service and how it can help you

The Citizen's Advice Service has 3500 locations around the UK, is FREE and resolves two thirds of problems it deals with! It's a service for you, so use it!...


The UK cities where thousands have problem debts

More than 10% of the UK adult population is struggling with debt, but the problem is much worse in certain inner city areas....


How would a debt “breathing space” work?

If debt gets out of control then interest and charges can grow making the situation worse. How could a Scottish "breathing space" law help others in the UK?...


How the Money Advice Service could help with your financial plans and financial worries

Use the free Money Advice Service for help with your financial worries and also your financial planning. But it is being close so here are some alternatives...


How to pay off debt even when it seems overwhelming

If you have significant debt it may feel overwhelming. But don't worry - there is a way through the debt maze. Here's our guidance on what to do....


Kanye West, debt and fashion success

Kanye West was able to use debt to help him succeed but not everyone is necessarily that fortunate. Debt takes control of many people....


Dealing With Personal Debt

The ability to apply for a no credit check loan can play a pivotal role in helping people to overcome the wide ranging affects of personal debt....


Follow these 8 steps to become debt free

If you have outstanding debts and are wondering how on earth to clear them then take a look at our 8 step plan to help you do just that...


Borrower FAQ

Thinking of using a guarantor loan? Here are answers to the most common questions asked by people. Or contact us with your question now....


Bad Credit

Debt consolidations loans are available even if you have bad credit. Unsecured loans from £1,000 and up to £250,000 if you own your home....


Guide & Explainer

Want to know what doorstep loans are? Need to know how they work and how to get one? Are you sure they are right for you? Read our guide now....

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